Bell Peppers

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Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Bell pepper is also known as sweet pepper or capsicum. Though they are fruits (botanically classified as berries), they are commonly used as a vegetable ingredient or as a side dish.


  1. Great for eye health (rich in carotenoids)
  2. Prevents cancers (antioxidant)
  3. Boosts Immunity (vitaminC)
  4. Balances mood (Vitamin B6)
  5. Helps night sleep 
  6. Helps in weight loss (low calories)
  7. Beautiful skin (vitaminE)
  8. Lowers cholesterol (capsiacin)
  9. Helps in pain/Anti-inflammatory (VitaminC, VitaminK)
  10. Heart healthy 

Note: Bell peppers come in many different colors – red, orange, yellow, and green. All bell peppers are very nutritious. In fact, these mighty red vegetables contain 1.5 times more vitamin C, 8 times more vitamin A and 11 times more beta carotene than green bell peppers. (Yellow bell pepper have more vitamin C than green ones, but less vitamin A and beta carotene.)

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