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Zucchini Health Notes


You might think Zucchini is a vegetable but in fact it’s a fruit which belongs to the family of cucumbers and squashes. It is harvested before it is fully matured and is categorized as a type of summer squash.

It is totally edible: skin, seeds, and the flesh. The color ranges from dark green, to emerald green to a yellow hue.


  1. Rich in vitamins and minerals 
  2. (Vitamin A)
  3. Boasts several antioxidants 
  4. Supports healthy digestion 
  5. Reduces blood sugar levels
  6. Improves heart health 
  7. Strengthens your vision 
  8. Helps in weight loss 
  9. Good for bone health 
  10. Anticancer 
  11. Keeps thyroid hormone levels stable
  12. Easy to add in your diet
Note: Zucchini, also known as courgette offers a wide range of recipes. Right from baked, sauted, soups, etc.

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